Christ Church & Church of The Redeemer

Nestled Along the St. Lawrence River

Welcome to the communities of Christ Church in Gananoque and Church of the Redeemer in Rockport,  we are River Anglicans, partners in ministry along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. 

We worship on Sunday's at 7:45am in Christ Church Gananoque, 9am in Church of the Redeemer, Rockport, and then 10:30am at Christ Church, Gananoque. We also gather Wednesday's at 10am at Christ Church in Gananoque for worship & fellowship.

God has come looking for us all through His Word and Sacraments. Through these He has revealed His Son to us personally, so that through faith we know Jesus to be the  the Saviour of the world!

Come and Be Welcomed Home

Rev. Christine Downey
Office Phone: 613-382-3655 After Hours: 613-382-7481

Church of the Redeemer


1 Front Street Rockport 

worships together Sunday's at 9am.